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  • About the company

    An innovative Japanese manufacturer with over 120 years of history, Kawasaki has offered novel engineering solutions for the ever-changing needs of the modern era, and created products from ships and motorcycles like the well-known “Ninja,” to engines and robots. Their machinery operate on land and in the sky, as well as the deep sea and outer space.

  • Our goals

    1. Create synergy within the company.

    Within Kawasaki, there were various sectors that generally focused on their own products and services, so we sought to create internal synergy and to establish a culture of sharing technology and know-how.

    2. Communicate the diversity of solutions.

    While Kawasaki was well known internationally for its quality motorcycles, it was essential to advertise the truly diverse solutions the company has to offer, such as railways, robots, aircrafts, and ships.

    3. Generate a shared sense of direction.

    We sought to create better understanding between the various internal sectors by establishing a shared vision for the Kawasaki brand as a whole, which could then be generated outward into the market.

  • Our solution

    We received the offer to collaborate on this project from the branding firm Landor Associates. With a focus on the central brand slogan “Powering your potential,” our shared aim was for Kawasaki to become the partner of choice for companies that tackle the world’s most dire issues.

    With Landor Associates’ guidance, we focused on internally communicating the slogan “Powering your potential,” as well as building platforms to spread the message externally. All information was created in both Japanese and English to cater to the global market. In creating the content, we collaborated with website and UX professional, Akari Inc.

1. Establish the brand’s identity.

2. Present the facts that make Kawasaki special.

3. Share Kawasaki’s loyalty and pride.

1. Establish the brand’s identity.

The slogan “Powering your potential” was shared internally with an in-house journal.

A common story was created to share the values and beliefs behind “Powering your potential.”

While airplanes powered by the latest jet engines soar above the clouds, Kawasaki experimental satellites trace an arc around the planet, far above the skies.

While crowds at racing tracks around the world thrill to the sound of our Ninja engines, our gas turbines and gas engines proudly turn the wheels of industry in factories worldwide. While the subway in New York carries millions of passengers around the city every day, our enormous LNG tankers make their stately way across the Indian Ocean at midnight. On the shore stands a facility the size of a city: infrastructure to which heavy hydraulic machinery is adding more storage tanks. Along the route of a pipeline, plants of all kinds run day and night. Inside, robots work at their posts, busy assembling all manner of products.

Wherever society is on the move, so is Kawasaki hard at work, earning market accolades worldwide.
But today we at Kawasaki must ask ourselves some hard questions: Is Kawasaki using its strengths to the greatest possible benefit? Is Kawasaki transforming itself fast enough to keep up with, and even anticipate, the changes in today’s society?

A wall of problems confronts our world, blocking the way forward for many people. Let us take these problems as a departure point, working with our customers to forge paths through and around them. What solutions can we offer to overcome these barriers? Let’s generate ideas that transcend the walls between businesses. By breaking down these walls, we can pioneer new possibilities in countries around the world. Kawasaki exists today because we have always been innovators, anticipating the needs of every age.
The “Power of the Times” sleeps within us. It’s time to wake it up, and move the world.

2. Present the facts that make Kawasaki special.

We created a brand website that serves as a hub for potential clients to discover all facets of Kawasaki’s engineering capabilities.

The tagline “Powering your potential” represents Kawasaki’s drive to discover novel possibilities and strengths for their clients and the wider society. Websites and movies were created to communicate the message in a multifaceted way.

  • A movie that shed light on Kawasaki’s origins in the 19th century.

  • A collaboration between Kawasaki Robotics and the animating dance duo, Numbers.

3. Share Kawasaki’s loyalty and pride.

To create a common understanding among the 8 sectors of each other’s projects, we documented stories about employees and their undertakings in long-form articles.